Saturday, December 8, 2012

Power of One

I recently helped 14 Northeast Tennessee school districts apply for a District- Race to the Top United States Department of Education grant competition for $31,000,000.00. 14 districts. 14 boards of education. 32 elected mayors.......agreed upon the following plan-

Power of One Logic Model- M. Ungurait 10.12

And, yet the federal government didn't agree.......however, my good friend Amy Holcombe was able to write a convincing plan for Guilford County Schools.

Our plan would have significantly changed lives for all of the region's middle school students through creating a personalized learning environment based upon a data driven culture through a   collaborative data delivery process and benchmarking software as well as a 1:1 handheld device per student tailor made instructional delivery. 

So many good things came out of the collaboration of 14 separate school districts:
a combined vision for education reform
the importance of using ACT Explore Information
the heightened awareness of middle school education as crucial
the agreement that handheld devices can significantly alter traditional education settings, and
the need for a balanced assessment system
the hope to include external agencies to help with public education- Epic Program

Although the group did not get funding, I am so very hopeful that these ideas will find a source to help fund the ambitious change proposed.

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