Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lessons from Kenyon College-Resiliency Training

College Street- Jonesborough- Tennessee
A walking at risk factor- first generation college bound- is what I thought to myself as I passed this somewhat symbolic metaphor symbol- lucky are the first generation college bound, like myself, where the stop sign is turned backwards. For me, growing up near Kenyon College and the encouragement of my high school to take college courses while still in high school introduced me to a world of using my mind.

Part of accepting the job in Peoria was to try to help students like myself- smart enough to attend, poor enough not be able to pay for it, and gritty enough to hang in there. As Magnet Director of Guilford County Schools, students for the middle college program were selected because of at risk factors- and first gen ranked high on the list. Urban areas with higher eduction sites, like Peoria, need successful model partnerships like the Early College at Bennett College which aim to help students complete high school and earn college credit. I so much wanted to start one at Bradley University!

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